Tips for trips: Saint-Petersburg


1. Sightseeing tour by car with various stops to see the beautiful panoramicviews and famous places of interest including the visit to Saint-Peter and PaulFortress. (3 hours)

2. Sightseeing tour of 3 hours. The visit to the Saint Peter andPaul Fortress. The walk up to the Vassilievsky Island enjoying splendidpanorama view of Neva river embankments. Guided tour to the Hermitage (according to your priority).

3. Walking tour: "Architectural ensembles and historical places".

4. Walking tour: "MaritimeSaint-Petersburg"
- Vassilievsky Island, Navy museum, University embankment, visiting vessels(submarine, icebreaker);
- Navy museum, Spit of Vassilievsky Island, Saint-Peter and Paul Fortress,House of Peter the Great, cruiser "Aurora";
This tour may ends by the boat trip on rivers and channels.

5. Walking tour "Romanov's and their military guards": museum ofArtillery, museum of Suvorov and other historical places.

6. Walking tour: "Musical Saint-Petersburg": Musical museum inSheremetiev Palace, Arts Square (Big Philarmonic Hall, Russian Museum,Mikhailovsky theatre), Ostrovsky square (Alexandrinskiy theatre), Theatresquare (Mariinsky theatre, Conservatorium), Alexandre Nevsky cathedral (Russianspiritual music). Visit to the Russian composer, Rimsky Korsakov apartment (onrequest).

7. Walking tour" “Gastronomic St. Petersburg”: Introduction to russian cuisine, food markets,departments stores, bakeries.

8. Walking tour "Literature vestige of Saint-Petersburg": Derzhavine mansion (18 century), Pushkine apartment (the first half of 19century), Dostoevsky apartment (the second half of 19 century), Anna Akhmatova apartment(Soviet period).

9. Walking tour: "St. Petersburg when it wasLeningrad": wide choice of museums to visit: Kirov apartment,museum of history of the politics of Russia, museum of history of thedemocracy (speaking about the nineties), museum of history of Leningrad,museum of the defense of Leningrad during World War II, Anna Akhmatova apartment,etc. During the walk it is possible to see the buildings of the Soviettime, houses of culture, park of Victory, and also to visit the metro.

10. Walking tour: "Romantic Saint-Petersburg": lovestories related with places (visits are made by choice): Sheremetievpalace, Michel castle, the garden of Michel, the channel Moika and Pushkinapartment, winter channel, the Elaguine Island and other places.

11. Walking tour: “District of Kolomna”. The cathedral Saint-Nicholasof the Sailors, the Estonian church Saint-Jean, conservatory, theMariinsky theatre, the Block apartment.

12. Walking tour: “churches and cathedrals of St. Petersburg”: Thecathedral Saint-Nicholas of the Sailors, the cathedral Saint-Isaak, thechurch of Saint-Savour on Blood, the cathedral of Kazan. It ispossible to listen to the Russian clergy music in the Saint-Nicholas cathedraland in the Kazan cathedral.

13. Walking tour: “Modern Arts in Saint-Petersburg”: PetrogradskayaIsland – houses constructed in modern style, the Modern art museum onthe Island Vassilievsky, the galleries of the painters

14. Walking tour: " Decorative St. Petersburg ": The facades ofdifferent architectural styles, the factory of imperial porcelain.

15. Museums: Hermitage, Russian museum, Ethnographic museum, Kunstkamera,Yussupov palace, Menchikov palace and other palaces and museums accordingto your desires and your preferences.

For walks on foot where f itis necessary the public transport is used.

Others topics are possible according to your desires and yourpreferences. Everything is decided by the mutual agreement during ourcorrespondence.