Tips for trips: Entire country


1. Novgorod is an ancient Russian city founded in 859. In themiddle ages, Novgorod used to be an active member of Hansa Union. Novgorod hasa big number of historical sightseeings such as Kremlin, cathedrals andmonasteries.

2. Vyborg. The unique knight castle in Russia. Every year at the end of July there is theknight festival. This festival is very popular.

3. Pskov. Pskov was Russian mighty fortress on the western borders.The city was founded in 903. Pskov has the big number of sightseeings such asKremlin and cathedrals and it has the border with the European Union. Duringyour stay in Pskov it is recommended to visit the surroundings ofPskov: the beautiful monastery of 16th century in the city of Petchory andIzborsk, the ancient Russian city. The region of Pskov is known as well for thepicturesque memorial property of the most famous Russian poet - AlexanderPushkin who visited this place numerous time and even lived there from 1824 to 1826. While beingthere you may taste the countrylife of Russian nobility portrayed in Russian literature.

4. Staraya Ladoga - Tikhvin. Staraya Ladoga is a small city, located in 122 km from St. Petersburg. Itwas founded in 9th century and used to be the first capital of Russia and inthe middle ages it was on the road of the commercial exchanges betweenBizanthe and Scandinavian peoples. Staraya Ladoga has the fortress, themonasteries, kourgans and outstanding views over the river Volkhov. Every year at the end ofJune there is the viking festival. Tikkhvin is the ancient Russian city: nice monastery and the mansion where thefamous Russian composer Rimsky Korsakov lived.

5. Karelia. Karelia is the region of picturesque landscapes, lakes,waterfalls and various sightseeings including Petrozavodsk, founded by Peterthe Great, Kizhi with numerous wood churches and izbas. The special allurebelongs to Valaam island. Located imid Ladoga Lake in thenorth from Saint-Petersburg, Valaam islandattracts many tourists by its natural beauty and ancient historical monasterywhere monk's life is continued.