Tips for trips: Suburbs


1. Historical Navy Base, the Kronstadt Island, located in the golf ofFinland, 48 km from St.Petersburg

2. Tsarskoe Selo (Favorite Summer Residence of Catherine theGreat).

3. Pavlovsk (cozy residence and beautiful park of theemperor Paul I and the empress Maria Fedorovna).

4. Tsarskoe Selo and in Pavlovsk.

5. Peterhof, the kingdom of fountains.

6. On the Peterhof Road - the chain of Romanov's summer residences and cottages: Strelna (Konstantine palace, theactual palace of Congress, summer palace of Peter the Great), Alexandria(summer cottage of the wife of Nicholas I, Alexandra Fedorovna,beautiful park), Peterhof (Big palace, number of small palaces, fountains, beautifulpark), Oranienbaum (Big palace, Chinese Palace).

7. Gatchina (Favorite palace of Paul I and Alexandre III)